THIS weekend’s Betfred Challenge Cup and Betfred Championship fixtures will see the return of scrums to the professional game following a two-year sabbatical as the result of Covid-19.

Ahead of their return, there will be several rule changes regarding scrums and how they are used and officiated by referees.

Here is a breakdown of the new rules so supporters know what to expect in the 2022 season.

Scrums will now only be awarded following knock-ons, forward passes, and accidental offside.

Following the awarding of a scrum following one of the three happening, these are the rules now in place.

  1. Prop forwards who strike for the ball as it is being fed in the scrum will be penalised.
  2. The team with loose head and feed may elect, within 5 seconds of the Referee verbally indicating that the scrum clock has started, to move the scrum to 10m in from touch, 20m in from touch, centre field. The default position will be the 20-metre mark.
  3. Where players break early before the referee has called “out”, the referee will award a full penalty. The team receiving the penalty will have the option of re-forming the scrum. If the scrum is re-formed and players again break early, a further penalty will be awarded and one of the offending player will be sent to the sin bin.

We look forward to seeing you all this season, starting this Sunday at Hunslet.

By Joshua Chapman