In the next of a new addition to our matchday preview series, we sit the players down for a series of quickfire questions.

Next up in the hotseat for this season is Anthony Dyne!

Name: Anthony Dyne

Joined Cougars: November 2021

Height: 195cm

Weight: 100kg

Nickname: Avatar

Previous Clubs: Newcastle Thunder, Montpellier Sharks

Biggest Inspiration on you Career? My Dad

What attracted you to the club? Rhys Lovegrove and his approach to younger players

Favourite Memory as a Cougar? My debut against Hunslet

Favourite player(s) past and/or present? Tom Johnstone

Funniest teammate? Scott Murrell

Most annoying teammate? Scott Murrell

Longest in the shower? Not Sure

Which player wouldn’t you want to be stuck in an elevator with? Dalton Desmond-Walker, spend too much time with him as it is!

Favourite movie? Die Hard

Favourite band/artist? Artic Monkeys

Celebrity crush? Blake Lively

If you could invite any 3 people over for dinner, who would they be? Elton John, Elon Musk, and my Nan

What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island? Food supply, knife, and a way off the island

Tell us a joke? *Anthony did not tell us a joke*

By Joshua Chapman