AHEAD of Sunday’s trip to Portway to face the Midlands Hurricanes in Betfred League 1, the club have two coaches running to Solihull.

As a result of this, the club are today issuing the following to inform those on the buses of which of the coaches they are allocated too for Sunday.

The idea of this is to allow you the supporters to familiarise yourself with the rules of the coaches and which coach you are to travel on to make it easier for yourselves prior to departure.

The coaches will be departing Cougar Park at 10:30AM SHARP meaning that any supporter who is running late will be unable to travel on the buses.

Supporters who have not paid in advance of arriving on Sunday will NOT be allowed to board the coach.

Please also note that for group bookings, the lead person will be that of the name the seats were booked under meaning that individual will be responsible for the behaviour of those booked under their names.

The club will allow the consumption of alcohol in moderation during travel, but drinks must be brought in either cans or plastic bottles. STRICTLY NO GLASS will be allowed onto the coaches.

We will also be providing bin bags to allow supporters to clean up any rubbish they will make during the journey to and from Solihull.

Any supporter judged to have been too intoxicated or unruly will be refused travel on the coaches to any further away game.

We hope that all supporters enjoy their day, and we want you to make plenty of noise, back the boys, and hopefully cheer us onto yet another victory!


Darren Burton (x2)
Joel Burton
Mark Burton
Nathan Burton
Pheobe Cain
Ian Carrington
Leigh Carrington
Brian Clough
Callum Duffy
Richard Feather
Susan Feather
Jenna Francis
Chloe Gill
Andrew Heaton
Martin Heaton
Steven Heaton
Chelsey Holder
Roger Hopkins
Jake Hoyle (x7)
Mark Ingham
Scott Lindsey
Ashley Marshall-Feather
Davina Merritt
Faye Miller
Kylie Miller
Ruby Miller
Daniel Moses
Neil Munro (x2)
John Phelan
Colin Preston Jnr
Colin Preston Snr
Eoin Preston
David Rooke
Janet Rooke
Claire Town-Jones


Sandra Carr
Claire Cunningham
Jimmy Feather
Ryan Foulds (x7)
Zoe Hargreaves (x2)
Simon Harrison (x5)
Mary Illingworth (x2)
Neil Iveson
Howard Jackson
Caitlin McKay (x2)
Michele Parker (x4)
Sam Rees (x4)
Kathryn Sharpe
Philip Sharpe
Ashlie Speight (x3)
Kath Thompson (x2)
Barry Waddington
Cath Watson
Rick Watson
Keith Wood
Tim Wood

By Joshua Chapman