As Chairman of the club I want to update fans what we are looking at and planning for this 2022 and 2023.

This season is crucial.

There may not be promotion after this, and we need to put Keighley in the top 6 of the Championship within a year.

I salute the work of Hendo and Rhys, who have delivered performances beyond our expectation. To have nilled opposition in two consecutive games is tremendous.

This is testament to the work these guys and their staff, and importantly, the squad have worked hard for and have proved it through results.

We have invested in this squad, in the training staff, and in the off-field team.

My thanks go out to them all. Rhys for his patience and progressive systems; to Hendo for his strategy and foresight with players and advice to Rhys.

And to Lisa for running the business to support what needs to be delivered and pay for all our dreams.

The recruitment of Dane Chisholm is, I hope, a Daryl Powell moment.

A moment we add that quality to a team that is already proving success, but benefits from that added talent.

My thanks to my sons Ryan and Kaue for working with Hendo to get that deal done. Folks, we have the best setup since the hey-days of 1995.

Support us, spread the word, and let’s get this club and this town where it belongs.


By Joshua Chapman