Liam Copland’s return from an ACL injury marks a significant milestone in his rugby league journey. The arduous process of rehabilitation, both physically and mentally, underscores his resilience and determination. Copland’s return to the pitch signifies not only his personal triumph over adversity but also his eagerness to contribute to Keighley Cougar’s success.

DOR, Jake Webster said “Going on loan to play at Leigh Leopards reserves offers Copland a platform to ease back into competitive rugby league. The reserves provide him with an opportunity to regain match fitness, sharpen his skills, and rebuild his confidence in a less pressured environment. Moreover, it allows him to adapt gradually to the intensity of the game after a prolonged absence due to injury.”

For Copland, this loan spell presents more than just a chance to play; it’s a stepping stone towards claiming a position within the squad. By demonstrating his abilities and commitment on the field, he aims to catch the eye of head coach, Matt Foster and prove his readiness for first-team action once again. Additionally, the loan move ensures he receives game minutes, essential for his development and resurgence as a player.

Overall, Copland’s return from injury and subsequent loan to Leigh Leopards reserves symbolizes his perseverance, dedication, and determination to overcome setbacks and pursue his passion for football.

Liam will play for Leigh Leopards Reserves this weekend against Warrington Wolves.