At today’s RFL council meeting, Keighley Cougars were the only club to vote against the proposals by IMG to give relegation immunity to the elite clubs.

Keighley Cougars take pride in promoting equality and fairness in all walks of life, both sporting and non-sporting.

To give elite clubs immunity from relegation runs contrary to our values.

Equality at Cougar Park means for people, society, and sport.

To create a top division with elite clubs who can never face relegation is only in the self interests of those involved.

It is unfair, it is anti-competition, and it isn’t sport.

Our Managing Director, Kaue Garcia, spoke to the RFL council that elitism is not what sport is about, and that in the long term it will damage Rugby League.

The Cougars are currently standing alone against the proposals, but we believe in our values and in the long term interests of our sport.

Rugby League already has rules about standards that clubs need to attain to get into the top division of the sport.  These rules are understandable, attainable and fair.

What is not fair is for IMG to create a sport of elites to dominate and decimate the rest.

The vote today was in favour of the equivalent of the failed European Super League in football.

This was rejected at the highest level, with the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson commiting to legislate against it, citing a cartel and it being “against the basic principles of competition.”

Keighley Cougars are committed to equality for all.

Now we fight for the equality and fairness for our sport.   

By Ryan O’Neill, Chief Executive.