Non-competitive fixtures between the Cougars and the Bulls are contested for the Joe Phillips Memorial Trophy, with the Bulls the current holders following their victory in our last meeting for the trophy at Odsal Stadium in February 2018.

Originally a trialist for the All Blacks in Rugby Union, Joe Phillips first came to Britain in 1950 following the Second World War where he was one of three trialists signed by Bradford Northern.

He played for Northern until his departure from Odsal in 1956, scoring a total of 1,469 points as a goal-kicking full back.

In 1957, Joe signed with Keighley and would score 13 tries in his first season at Lawkholme Lane.

He would remain with Keighley until his retirement in 1960, scoring 516 points in 80 appearances for the club, and would become a director of the club after hanging up his boots.

After Bradford Northern went out of business in December 1963, Joe would become heavily involved with Trevor Foster in reforming the club in the spring of 1964 and became the first chairman of the new club.

Sadly, Joe died suddenly whilst in London on business in May 1969 with the two clubs later playing each other in friendly matches for the trophy named in his honour.

To date the Joe Phillips Memorial Trophy has been contested 14 times, with 7 victories for the Bulls, 6 victories for the Cougars, and the trophy being shared on one occasion in 1994.


1981 – Bradford Northern 19-7 Keighley
1982 – Bradford Northern 19-5 Keighley
1985 – Keighley 16-24 Bradford Northern
1992 – Keighley Cougars 26-16 Bradford Northern
1993 – Keighley Cougars 27-21 Bradford Northern
1994 – Keighley Cougars 22-22 Bradford Northern
1997 – Bradford Bulls 36-20 Keighley Cougars
2006 – Keighley Cougars 34-26 Bradford Bulls
2007 – Keighley Cougars 0-88 Bradford Bulls
2008 – Keighley Cougars 4-84 Bradford Bulls
2011 – Keighley Cougars 46-12 Bradford Bulls
2012 – Keighley Cougars 28-12 Bradford Bulls
2017 – Keighley Cougars 25-24 Bradford Bulls
2018 – Bradford Bulls 28-20 Keighley Cougars

History & Recrods provide by Club Historian John Pitchford

By Joshua Chapman