The success of Cougars this season has seen crowds more than double.

This has been incredible for our amazing club, however as a result our facilities have at times been stretched to capacity, and we know this has been frustrating for some fans at peak times to get bar service.

The club acknowledges this and is working to fix it.

For future home games we will be adding significantly more outside bars, at various points around the ground.

In the Hall of Fame and the President’s Suite, we will be offering a specific ‘card-only’ service to speed payments up, as well as a separate ‘cash’ payment bar – this should relieve pressure and speed things up.

We will also be positioning remote beer points in the Hall of Fame bar, so as to relieve pressure on the main bar.

We are always learning and welcome suggestions, as the club grows things will change, and change for the better.

We appreciate fans feedback, and if you would like to make suggestions please email:

By Joshua Chapman