Keighley Cougars are delighted to announce the continuation of its long-standing partnership with Clever Energy Boilers into 2024. This enduring collaboration is a testament to the shared values and commitment to excellence that both organizations uphold. Clever Energy Boilers, under the astute leadership of Paul Calvert, will once again be the proud sponsor of the Cougars’ playing shirts, in addition to renewing the player sponsorship of star athlete Jack Miller.

Since its inception, the partnership between Keighley Cougars and Clever Energy Boilers has been a beacon of community engagement and sports excellence. The synergy between the two organizations has fostered a robust support system for the club, enabling it to achieve remarkable success both on and off the field. The renewed sponsorship deal, including the prominent display of the Clever Energy Boilers logo on the team’s playing shirts, is a strong indication of the mutual trust and respect cultivated over the years.

Paul Calvert, the visionary leader at Clever Energy Boilers, has been instrumental in shaping this partnership. His passion for rugby and unwavering support for the Cougars have been pivotal in driving this collaboration forward. “We are really happy to sponsor the Cougars for another season. Without sponsorship Keighley Cougars wouldn’t survive. As a Keighley based company, we want to support Keighley’s biggest sports club and see it thrive..”

The player sponsorship of Jack Miller, a key figure in the Cougars’ squad, is a highlight of this renewed partnership. Miller’s exceptional talent and dedication on the field resonate with Clever Energy Boilers’ ethos of excellence and reliability. This continued support underlines the company’s investment in nurturing local talent and contributing to the success of the club.

Steve Watkinson, COO of Keighley Cougars, expressed his gratitude and excitement about the ongoing partnership. “Clever Energy Boilers have been an integral part of our journey. Their continued support, especially in sponsoring our playing shirts and the talented Jack Miller, speaks volumes of their commitment to our club and the sport. We are excited to carry this partnership forward and look forward to achieving new milestones together.”

As the Cougars gear up for another thrilling season, the continued support from Clever Energy Boilers is set to amplify the team’s ambitions and drive. The club looks forward to celebrating more victories and creating lasting memories with its loyal fans, players, and partners.