In yet another groundbreaking move, Keighley Cougars proudly announces its participation in the upcoming Manchester Pride event, taking place on Saturday, August 26th at 12pm. As the only gay-owned sports club in all of Europe, Keighley Cougars is set to make history by becoming the first sports club to have a float at a gay pride parade.

A beacon of inclusivity and innovation, Keighley Cougars has consistently championed the values of diversity and acceptance. The club’s co-owners, married couple Ryan O’Neill and Kaue Garcia, have been vocal advocates for putting Keighley Cougars on the map as a leading entity that encourages other sports clubs to follow suit.

Ryan O’Neill, co-owner of Keighley Cougars, states, “At Keighley Cougars, everyone is welcome. Just as should be the case in any sports club or organization. Through sports, children learn valuable life skills, including socializing and forming lifelong friendships. By nurturing a culture of acceptance from the grassroots level, we aim to create an environment where anyone struggling with their identity feels embraced and valued.”

Manchester Pride, a prominent celebration of diversity and inclusion, provides the perfect platform for Keighley Cougars to reaffirm their commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering unity. The presence of Ryan O’Neill, Kaue Garcia, and Cougars players at the event marks a historic moment in sports history—a sports club participating in a gay pride parade for the first 􏰀me.

As the event approaches, Keighley Cougars calls on all supporters and fans to join them in celebrating this remarkable milestone. Let us stand together to promote acceptance and diversity within the world of sports and beyond.