Keighley Cougars are today delighted to announce the launch of our ‘Cougar Digital’ scheme ahead of the 2023 Betfred Championship season.

We here at the club value our sponsors, as they help to fund our success both on and off the field, but we also understand that our sponsors need to see a return on their investment into the club.

This is why the club have created the ‘Cougar Digital’ incubator to help aid the online presence of both the club and our sponsors.

As a club that prides itself on our design and delivery in terms of the club’s website, social media, branding, and advertising, we want to branch out of the club to those companies who both support and sponsor the club.

We have built a team of graphic designers and digital developers who work together to deliver the best content around.

As part of the sponsorship packages being offered by the club for the upcoming 2023 Betfred Championship season, our digital team services will now be available as part of tailor-made sponsorship packages.

This means that club sponsors will not only benefit from their community support to the Cougars, but the brand recognition by being a part of our successful journey.

There are real-world financial benefits to be made from the free services now available from the ‘Cougar Digital’ incubator.

As part of Cougars sponsorship, ‘Cougar Digital’ will design logos, web banners, social banners, and fully developed websites for those sponsors and businesses who would like to make use of the service.

This is all part of the 2023 “Cougars Revolution” campaign.

We always do things differently at Cougars, and this service to sponsors is once again leading the way.

We are not just a Rugby League club, we are the innovators of Keighley both inside and outside of sport.

Come join our journey, join us in being proud to be K-Town, and be part of the Cougars Revolution.

For more information call 01535 606044 or email

By Joshua Chapman